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{review} Buttons Cloth Diapers

I want to update everyone on some of my favorite cloth diapers that we still continue to use on a daily basis. There are probably 3-5 brands that I keep in our stash and use on a daily basis. One of them that I highly recommend is Buttons Cloth Diapers.

Here are some photos of the Buttons Diapers on my babies at a few different ages and weights:





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My Star Ratings and Review 
Based on our Current Usage of Buttons Covers and Inserts

Leak Prevention (The Cover)
I have not had any leak issues with these covers. The double gussets and double layer of PUL hold everything in.

Absorbency (The Insert)
The microfiber day time inserts work fine with my 18 month old for day time and nap time use. These inserts would not work for us overnight (there are very few diapers that do work for us overnight, so I fully expect that they will not work overnight and I did not deduct any stars based on their night time usage). 
Fit and Size (The Cover)
The covers fit my children from the time they are small (I started using this cover around 12 pounds) and still fit my skinny toddler at 25 pounds. However, at 25 pounds they are on the last snap, so they might not fit a chubbier baby. I feel like my other go to covers have more room around the waist and will fit longer.

Fit and Size (The Inserts)
I like these inserts for the price, but I feel they are a little too bulky between the legs, especially on smaller babies. My 18 month old usually wears cloth legging pants with some stretch, and the cover with insert fits nicely under her regular clothing without me having to upsize her pants.

Aesthetic Design
When I first started using Buttons diapers the covers only came in single colors and there were only a handful to choose from. Now the covers come in many different colors and prints and Buttons keeps adding more. You can see the current selection on their website here. We have not had any issues with fading with these covers.

Currently covers range from $11 to $13.50 depending on print vs single color vs seasonal print. The daytime microfiber inserts are currently $10.50 for a pack of three. I feel this is a reasonable price for a diaper and it is budget friendly considering that covers can be reused as long as they are not soiled.

Overall (The Cover)
We have 4 or 5 of these covers. The oldest four have been used on two kids now on a daily basis and still look brand new.  We have not had any issues with elastics loosening or snaps not working; we have not had any fading and the PUL is still in perfect condition. They still work as good as the day we started using them. The only reason I deducted one star is because at 25 pounds my kid is on the last waist snap so I do not think they will fit as long as our other go to cover. I do wish that the covers were available as hook and loop.

Overall (The Insert)
 These inserts work fine but they are my second favorite insert brand simply because I feel they are too wide between the legs. For the price, I prefer to spend the extra 50 cents per insert and purchase my favorite brand (that will be another review). However, if you want your diapers to all be the same brand, these work great for daytime use, and I would purchase them again. I like that they are stay dry and soft. We use these strictly for day time and nap time use. These do not work for us for nighttime (I have not tried the nighttime doublers). 

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Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products for free to facilitate this review. However, I have purchased Buttons diaper cover and inserts. This did not affect my opinions. All opinions are 100% my own. I did not receive any other compensation for this review. 


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