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Tooti Booti Boutique Hybrid Fitted Diaper Review

Tooti Booti Boutique is owned and ran by Lauren, she loves sewing and strives to make great quality products and happy customers. She makes hybrid fitted diapers, one size (OS) diapers, all in two (AI2) diapers, diaper covers, trainers, soakers, headbands, children’s and baby clothing such as pants, leggings, dresses, rompers, outfits, and more. Here are some examples of the super cute things she makes: 

 The Diaper
Tooti Booti Boutique sent me a hybrid fitted diaper to test out and review. The diaper has a super cute knit outer, a luxuriously soft minky inner, and a hidden layer of water resistant fleece.

 The hybrid fitted diaper is OS meaning it should fit most babies from about 10 pounds through potty training. It has a fold over rise and cross over snaps to adjust the fit. 

The snake insert is topped with minky fabric in a coordinating color. It has two layers of super heavy organic bamboo fleece (SHOBF). When folded over the soaker has 6 absorbent layers.

My Review and Star Ratings
My baby pees so much that I do not usually use this diaper without a cover; I have a three year old and a 4 month old and sometimes I get distracted and forget to change her diaper soon enough so I’ve had too many accidents to not use a cover (this is not the diapers fault in any way). This hybrid fitted diaper works great for night time use and day time use; I usually add a simply booster for night time. With a cover we’ve never had a leak.

I have also used this diaper on my 28 pound 3 year old for night time use with a cover and it works great for him as well.

Fit and Size
This diaper started fitting my baby when she was about 12 pounds. She is now 15 pounds and it still fits her great. It also fits my 29 pounds three year old and he has worn it as a night time diaper. It has a great weight range.

This diaper is thin enough that it fits well under a cover and under clothing. It is narrow enough between the legs that it fits my baby but at the same time it is wide enough for my toddler to wear as well. My toddler hates wearing diapers that are too wide between the legs or too thick (he tells me that they are too tight) but he has not voiced any discomforts while wearing the Tooti Booti Boutique hybrid fitted diaper.

Aesthetic Design
I love the design of the diaper. We have been using the diaper and washing it a few times per week (when I test a diaper I try to use it every wash cycle) for the past couple of months and it still looks brand new. The print hasn’t faded and none of the fabrics are pilly or faded, even after drying in the dryer and also sunning. Here are some of Tooti Booti's other diapers:

Sewing Quality
The sewing quality is great. I haven’t had any issues with the sewing. There are no holes or threads coming loose. The serging on the soaker is very well done. Everything looks great even after months of washing.

The retail value of the diaper is $25 as of 12/04/2014.

I love this diaper. I love that it fits both of my children, that it works for day time and night time use. I love that the sewing looks so great and that it has held up over so many washings. The diaper is trim, fits well, is super soft, squishy, and flexible. Tooti Booti Boutique has been great to work with.

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 Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned diaper for free to facilitate this review. However this did not affect my opinions and I was not obligated to write a review either positive or negative. All opinions are 100% my own.

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  1. I will have to tell my niece about these diapers. They sound really good-especially since they can take a washing or 10 and retain the comfy properties.