Tuesday, November 04, 2014

Nordic Naturals

A friend of mine texted me a few weeks ago and asked what DHA supplement I was taking and which brand I would recommend for her to give her baby. I told her what brand I use (Nordic Naturals) and she asked why.. the answer was way too long so I decided to write a blog post to tell her.  

I did a lot of research when I was pregnant to try to find a DHA supplement that I could take and  one that I could start giving him when he was young. I decided to purchase Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA for myself and their Baby's DHA for him. Now that he is three I continue to give him one dropper full of Baby DHA and one dropper full of Nordic Naturals Children's Liquid DHA twice per day. I have been taking the prenatal DHA since I was pregnant with my three year old and I continue to take it now that I am nursing my second baby. 

Nordic Naturals sent me their Baby's DHA vegetarian and their Algae Omega to try so we have added these two products to our daily supplements as well.

I choose to purchase Nordic Naturals products because they contain no artificial colors, no artificial flavors,  no gluten, no dairy, no artificial preservatives, no artificial fillers, and they are all non-GMO. There were not a lot of companies that I found that could say this about their products. Nordic Naturals also third party tests all their products for quality and they make sure that their products contain less environmental toxins such as peroxides, heavy metals (such as lead and mercury - two metals that are commonly found in fish), dioxins, and PCBs than leading health organizations (such as WHO and the European Pharmacopoeia Standard) maximum allowances. Nordic Naturals manufacturing process maintains the freshness of the fish oils by using an oxygen free manufacturing process. They were also ranked number one out of the top ten fish oil brands in Norway for purity and freshness. 

Some of the other reasons that I chose Nordic Naturals are:

They choose fish species that are naturally low in toxins and high in Omega 3 fats. All the fish that they use are wild caught from clean waters. All of their products are made from four types of fish - Arctic cod from Norwegian waters, anchovies and sardines from the Southern Pacific Ocean, Pink and Sockeye salmon from Alaska's Cook Inlet. These fish are all sustainably sourced and none of the species are endangered. 

Nordic Naturals manufacturing process uses water and clay filters to remove any potential environmental toxins, saturated fats, and other undesirable organic compounds without any chemicals or excessive heat. This leaves only the beneficial components of the fish oils (the Omegas Vitamins).

There are two main types of Omega 3s - the natural triglyceride omega 3s and the ethyl ester molecular form. Many of the fish oils on the market are the ethly ester form even though the triglyceride Omega 3s are up to 70% more absorbable by the body. Nordic Naturals products are all produced in true triglyceride form. 

Their vegetarian formulas are made from microalgae which is a plant based source of beneficial marine omega 3s EPA and DHA without using fish.

Wew, that was a lot of information - now you can see why I needed to write a blog post instead of trying to text my friend all that information!

I received the vegetarian Baby's DHA and the Algae Omega products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. The other products I purchased myself and have been using for years. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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