Monday, September 15, 2014

Mint 2 Sew {WAHM} Review

Mint 2 Sew is owned by WAHM Lindsey. She loves to make cute children’s products such as diapers, clothing, undies, wipes, blankets, purses and more. Look at this super cute wallet that she made. Next time I need a wallet I’m going to have Lindsey make me a custom one!

Here are some other cute products that Lindsey has made:

 The Diaper

Lindsey sent me an adorable newborn AI2 diaper to try on my beautiful new baby. The outside is a cotton fabric – the tummy panel is hot pink and the back panel is an adorable owl print. The inside is a luxurious light pink minky fabric and there is a snap in soaker made from hemp topped with a stay dry layer of Heavy Bamboo Fleece.

 The diaper closes with snaps, has two layers of snaps to for an individual fit, and has an umbilical cord snap.

 She also sent me an overnight insert to use with my toddler and a set of reusable cloth wipes!
The overnight insert is made out of 3 layers of Zorb sandwiched between two layers of super cute flannel. It measures approximately 13” x 4”.

 The cloth wipes are made out of two layers of flannel serged together. Each wipe is about 8”x8”.

My Review and Star Ratings
Fit and Size (Newborn Diaper)
I love the way this newborn diaper fits on my little one. She started wearing it the day she came home from the hospital at about 6.5 pounds and 20 inches long and is still wearing it at about 14 pounds (I’m not entirely sure how long she is now). I love the double row of snaps – we used the bottom row when my daughter was really tiny and now we are using the top row for a larger fit.

Fit and Size (Overnight Soaker)
The overnight soaker fits great in my toddler son’s diapers. It is narrow so it doesn’t add too much bulk between his legs, it is long enough to provide great coverage, but short enough that it fits inside all  of his diapers.

Absorbency (Newborn Diaper)
This diaper had enough absorbency for the first week of my daughter’s life, but she quickly found her appetite and it soon wasn’t absorbing enough without an extra insert or two. I love that the insert is trim and larger in the back (which is where we need the most absorbency). I would love it if this diaper came with an extra insert to snap under the stay dry insert to add more absorbency.

Absorbency (Overnight Soaker)
I love this soaker for my toddler son. He is thin and long and it fits great in his overnight diapers without adding too much bulk or being too wide between his legs.

Thickness/Bulkiness (Newborn Diaper)
In regards to thickness and bulkiness this diaper is perfect for a newborn. When my little one was wearing this diaper she could still wear her newborn clothes (which was not the case with many of her diapers). Even with an extra insert in the diaper, it still is relatively thin and fits well.

Aesthetic Design
I love the cuteness of this diaper! Lindsey did a great job picking out the materials (she didn’t even know that owls and the color pink are my favorites!). My son loves the aliens on the overnight soaker and the purple chevron wipes are awesome! Here are some of the other fabrics that Mint 2 Sew has available:

Sewing Quality
Lindsey did a great job sewing our diaper, soaker, and wipes! The diaper has been washed every few days for the past two months and the stitching and fabrics still look brand new (I hate it when knit/cotton fabrics start to look faded and worn after a few washes). I haven’t found anything wrong with the stitching or had any issues with the sewing. The sewing is the quality that I expect from WAHMs.

The retail price of the newborn diaper is $24, an overnight soaker is $6, and a 6 pack of wipes is $6.

Overall I think Mint 2 Sew’s products are adorable and work great. The fabrics are high quality and the sewing has held up well. I like the way the diaper fits and I hope my little one can keep wearing it for a while. I took off one star because the diaper is not as absorbent as we need, but luckily I have extra inserts that can fix that problem so my daughter can continue to wear her super cute owl diaper.

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Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned products from Mint 2 Sew to facilitate this review. This did not affect my opinions and I was under no obligation to write a review either positive or negative. All opinions are 100% my own. 


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