Monday, September 15, 2014

Dainty Dupa Review {WAHM}

Cassie, owner of Dainty Dupa, is a stay at home mom who love to sew! She make maxaloones, nursing infinity scarves, sensory toy blankets, cloth diapering supplies, fleece soaker and longies, and other baby and kid products. She enjoys creating what others dream up and loves making custom orders. She has one little girl and another one on the way (congrats!). 

Cassie sent me a pair of super cute newborn maxaloones for my sweet new baby. She choose the fabric and I love it!

The maxaloones are made with a stretchable waistband and leg bands that can fold up or down to allow an adjustable fit. The newborn maxaloones are designed to fit babies from birth to three months.

They also have a circle bum to allow more room for cloth diapers.

My Star Ratings and Review
Fit and Size
Dainty Dupa's newborn size maxaloones fit my newborn at 8 pounds 6 ounces and 21 inches long. They were a little big around the waist when she was that small but I was ok with them being a bit big around because it just means she will be able to wear her cute pants longer! I am glad that they have a circle bum which makes them fit over cloth diapers a lot better than most pants. 

She is now about 11 pounds and these pants are fitting her around a lot better but are getting a tad tight around the ankles. If I could change one thing about these pants, I would want the ankle bands to be bigger around.

Quality of Sewing
Cassie did a great job sewing the pants. I have inspected them thoroughly and haven't found any issues with the sewing quality. The fabric is also good quality. I haven't had any issues with the fabric by hanging the pants out to dry in the sun or by drying them in the dryer. They still look brand new!

Aesthetic Design 
Dainty Dupa makes super cute pants! I love the print matched with the purple waist and leg bands and circle bum. Here are some of the other products she has made that I am in love with:

I think Dainty Dupa does a great quality job constructing her clothing. The sewing looks great, the fabric is high quality, and she has great customer service. I love our maxaloone pants and I have enjoyed working with her.  

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Disclaimer: I received the above mentioned product from Dainty Dupa to facility this review. This did not affect my opinions and I was under no obligation to write a review, either positive or negative. All opinions are 100% my own. 


  1. I had never heard of a maxaloon before, so I had no idea what it was until I saw your picture. It's really cute and looks really well made!

  2. Adorable!! So cute--love the colors and patterns.

  3. Thanks for sharing this review! This is super cute!

  4. Those pants are so cute. I would have loved that for my daughter when she was an infant.

    Michelle F.

  5. How cute are those? I know someone who is expecting and planning on cloth diapering. I'll have to tell her about these!

  6. Those are so cute. I love the design!

  7. Awe! What adorable baby clothes!!